Paid Public iOS and Workspace ONE UEM Apps (2023)

A UEM workspaceAllows you to upload paid public iOS applications and distribute them if Apple's Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is not available. Also for iOS devices, you can set additional restrictions on App Store functionality, including the App Store icon and installing public apps.A UEM workspaceYou can distribute multiple versions of the operating system, but managing iOS 9+ doesn't require users to take any extra steps. It is best to use Apple VPP if possible. VPP can efficiently manage volume-paid public applications and offers a variety of management options.

Compare Public Application Payment Process

When you compare the steps required to push a paid public iOS app to a device, iOS simplifies the process. this allowsA UEM workspaceTakes over the app that was previously installed on the device without the end user needing to delete the app.

use: A UEM workspaceIt cannot manage apps installed by users on iOS 8 and earlier.

Add any supported iOS version as a paid public app Add iOS 9+ version as paid public app
Enable Paid Public iOS AppsWorkspace ONE UEM Console. Enable Paid Public iOS AppsWorkspace ONE UEM Console.
Add public applications toWorkspace ONE UEM Console.Add any other administrative parameters such as SDK capabilities and per-app VPN enablement. Add public applications toWorkspace ONE UEM Consoleand activateLet the app be managed by MDM if the user installed the appfor himdevelopeyelash.

Add any other administrative parameters such as SDK capabilities and per-app VPN enablement.

(Users) purchase applications. (Users) purchase applications.

Apple will automatically install the app on the device after purchase.

(User) Delete Apple-installed apps. invalid
(user) Open AirWatch Directory and fromA UEM workspaceGet the hosted version of the application. (user) Open AirWatch Directory and fromA UEM workspaceGet the hosted version of the application.

Set up a paid public iOS applicationEMU consolecomfort

You can configure paid public iOS app development atEMU console.Complete the following steps to configure paid public iOS app developmentEMU console.

  1. navigationGroups and Configurations>all settings>application>a workplace>Paid public application.
  2. chooseactivityThen save the settings.

Assign public payment requests based on organization groups

You can keep VPP development and paid public iOS apps in separate organization groups. You can also enable the paid public presence option in the organization group where the corresponding device is registered.

Make sure you are not deploying the same paid public iOS application in an organization group that is configured with VPP and contains a service token (sToken). If you have VPP configured in an organization group, use the sToken license, which provides better application management and control.

Devices that receive app assignments from their closest organization group. Consider your organization's team hierarchy and where paid public iOS apps are enabled. Assigning an app to an organization group that has no impact on the device may cause installation to fail or the app to be installed on the wrong device.

Table 1. Example of Paid Public Application Assignment Based on Organization Group
organization team paid public identity register device result
Priest activity No The device doesNoYou get paid to host a public app, and the system redirects the device to the store to install the app.
Nino the disabled Yes

Upload your paid public application to the UEM console

You can download the paid public iOS app from the App Store atEMU consoleto make it available in the directory.

  1. navigationresource>application>native>peopleand selectadd application.
  2. choosemanageView the organization group from which the application was loaded.
  3. select itplatform.
  4. Enter keywordsNameText box to find the app in the app store.
  5. chooseNextYou usechooseSelect the app from the app store results page.
  6. Set options todetaileyelash. Entering data on this tab is optional, but you can enter data such as your app's store URL, supported models, and related categories.
  7. assign aterms of use requiredApplyterms of useeyelash. This is optional.
  8. choosestorage and assignmentso that end users can use the application.
  9. Set flexible deployment rules for application distribution. Only push-on-demand mode is available. It allows the user to initiate the installation so that the system does not use excessive bandwidth by automatically installing applications. It also gives users time to purchase the app and delete the original version from the device.

Prevent downloads of paid public apps from app stores with device restrictions

You can set device restrictions to control which applications, hardware, and features your end users can access. You can use these restrictions to increase productivity and protect end users and devices.A UEM workspaceSupport for native iOS restrictions and internal development restrictions that control access to the App Store. you can define itAllow App Store icon on home screenRestrictions in the UEM console to hide the App Store. This restriction removes the icon from the home screen and end users cannot access the App Store. However, end users can still install or update their apps using MDM, giving administrators full control over the apps.

heAllow App Store icon on home screenRestrictions apply only to supervised iOS 9+ devices. In general, supervised devices give you more control over the devices you own and allow you to set limits. Control the app store to restrict or allow device users to access the public apps available there.

  1. navigationhome appliances>Introduction and Resources>contour>Add to.
  2. chooseApple iOS.
  3. configuration profileGeneralset up.
  4. select itlimitList the payload. You can select multiple constraints as part of a single constraint load.
    Table 2. Description of App Store Restriction Methods
    limit work describe
    Allow App Store icon on home screen

    This restriction is compatible with all supervised iOS 9+ devices as it uses the latest technology and can send apps through various systems.

    disabled Restrict installation of the Apple App Store on devices so that device users cannot use the App Store to install public free applications.

    However, usingA UEM workspace, iTunes, or Apple Configurator.

    enable Allows the Apple App Store on the device, which the device user can use to install any free public app.
    Allow installation of public applicationsThis restriction is supported on all supervised iOS 4-12 devices and iOS 13+ devices. disabled Restrict device users from using the Apple App Store.
    enable Allows the Apple App Store on the device, which the device user can use to install any free public app.
  5. choosestore and publishSend the configuration file to the device.

Restrict your device to only select public apps from the app store

You can control where end users install public applications from by enabling Restricted Mode on Apple iOS devices. After registration, end users can access free public apps developed under their catalog, but cannot download free public apps from the App Store. Control where end users install public applications from by enablingPublic iOS apps have limited functionality.Restricted Mode restricts the device by allowing you to install only assigned apps approved by your organization. Enabling SE Settings sends restricted configuration files to Apple iOS devices. The presence of this restricted profile does not require an additional restricted profileAllow installation of public applicationsApp store blocking option is enabled.

This limit is the same as the iOS limitAllow App Store icon on home screenin discoveryhome appliances>Introduction and Resources>contour.A UEM workspaceexpand itlimited operationDevice options and exclude end users from app stores.A UEM workspaceYou can deploy your applications to the public to ensure your organization approves them.

  1. navigationGroups and Configurations>all settings>application>a workplace>application restrictions.
  2. choosePublic iOS apps have limited functionality.
  3. clicksave


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