Q2 2023 Roadmap Webinar Recap - JumpCloud (2023)

The JumpCloud product roadmap introduces federation to ensure access to all resources, no matter where the identity resides. Automation and workflow are accelerating endpoint integration by leveraging the convergence of identity and device management. Administrators will be more productive, and end users will have easier access to resources when their devices are used as secure gateways. We're also improving the platform experience with modern, phishing-proof authentication, and introducing more password-less workflows to improve security and ease of use.

This article provides a brief summary of the JumpCloud Q2 2023 product roadmap webinar for everyone who didn't have the opportunity to attend in person. You can also see aSign upevent.

Open Directory Platform

JumpCloud's open directory platform future-proofs your organization by connecting anything to everything and avoiding vendor lock-in with open identity standards. Identity federation will enable ubiquitous user management, authentication and access to resources.

We leverage federated and discrete user authentication from Google, Okta, and whichever Identity Provider (IdP) you choose. JumpCloud will allow you to use your own IdP.

Bring your own IdP

Federation enables small and medium businesses (SMBs) to manage all their endpoints with JumpCloud. Users will connect to the IdP of their choice, and their existing credentials and policies will be applied. Recreating identities and policies in JumpCloud is no longer required, allowing SMBs to leverage their existing identity and access management (IAM) infrastructure. For example, users created in Google Workspace can manage their endpoints from JumpCloud through federation and open standards.

JumpCloud improves security with layered multi-factor authentication (MFA) and conditional access policies. End users do not need to manually log in to their resources during business hours. JumpCloud is developing new technology to make this process even more secure.

Confidence in Next Generation Devices

Authentication processes will soon be secured by hardware-protected and phishing-resistant device-linked credentials. This is an upcoming feature designed to make it easy for SMBs to adopt modern passwordless authentication.

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home appliances

JumpCloud is the only platform provider that can secure your resources with seamless end-to-end identity and device management. As we move forward, open directory platforms will make more authentication decisions based on device state and management. JumpCloud's Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) will be continuously evaluated in conjunction with IAM.

Let's explore what's next for Windows, Android, and cross-OS software management.

Windows MDM

jumping cloud recentlythey flew outWindows Mobile Device Management (MDM) enhances our on-premises proxy with policy clear violations and support for the latest Microsoft technologies.

Upcoming improvements include:

  • Admin switch from JumpCloud Agent to MDM enrollment
  • Easily create equipment-ready procurement packages that significantly reduce system integration time
  • The ability to deploy configuration service provisioning (CSP) policies.

EMM Android

JumpCloud recently released its built-in AndroidBusiness Liquidity Management(EMM) to support BYOD and CYOD use cases. EMM is enhanced by:

  • Google Policies for Prebuilt Recommendations
  • Support for fully managed enterprise devices
  • Contactless registration of company-published material
  • Support for configuring dedicated single-use devices will be available later this year

software management

private warehouse

Admins will soon be able to upload, deploy, and update private Windows and macOS applications using private storage. Features include:

  • Scan files for upload integrity and version control
  • Removed file size limit for custom macOS apps
  • Additional storage available for a fee if required

app store features

It is now possible to develop and update macOS VPP and Windows Store apps. Automated third-party application patches will be rolled out in succession.

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We also help trustees manage all their assets without exception.

Identity and Access Management

API provider

Sometimes an application doesn't support an existing protocol, but users still need access to the resources they need to do their work through managed access. In this case, JumpCloud will still integrate all resources by introducing a new configuration API. I'm going:

  • Programmatic provisioning, updating and deleting
  • Support for applications that do not utilize existing protocols
  • Improve boarding efficiency and safety

Next, let's explore how automation and workflow can make JumpCloud work better with easier integration and simplified platform management.

Workflow and Automation

Our goal is to reduce repetitive administrative tasks through easier governance and compliance. The plan includes improvements to the features you already use, including Groups, Policies, and Remote Assistance. The platform will work smarter and provide more visibility.

Fully automatic dynamic team

JumpCloud's Dynamic Teams uses Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) to help administrators manage the identity lifecycle between users and devices by making recommendations.

These improvements are consistent across user groups and devices and will include:

  • Increase automation with manual inspection options.
  • Improved the Exceptions experience for users or devices that administrators don't want the rule to apply to. It's designed to be faster and easier to use.
  • The default group that is valid only by default.
    • Users: All Users, Devices: OS Family
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Device Policy Compliance Baseline

JumpCloud policy groups will get a new compliance check option. Automation helps ensure that devices are classified into the correct groups so that the appropriate policies are applied for each operating system. Dynamic groups that administrators associate with compliance will automatically display device compliance numbers, making it easy to create (and verify) a secure baseline for your fleet.

JumpCloud Reports will provide audit log details to help administrators determine when and how policies were not applied to endpoints. This feature will initially focus on improving "visibility" when activated, and will evolve over time to provide more solutions.

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Top Orchestration Use Cases

The webinar also described several use cases where orchestration would improve compliance and security, as well as utilize resources more efficiently. Importantly, they include promoting the principle of least privilege through the management of time-limited privileged access to administrator accounts.

  • obey– Automatic actions (ban, group membership, notification) when devices do not comply with encryption or firewall policies.
  • Temporary visit– Allow users to access resources with a time limit. Access to resources is automatically removed once the time limit expires, such as a limited sudo administrator.
  • do nothing– Automatically suspend users for x days of inactivity.
  • do nothing– Automatically revoke access and deconfigure the user for the SSO application if the application is inactive for x days. Save your license and do more with less.
  • dynamic group– Ability to create custom attributes based on membership.
    • Easily implement custom functions
    • Take advantage of customization capabilities in dynamic team rules
    • nested group
  • dynamic group– Ability to delegate group member approval to another role (new role: Group Member Approval).
  • dynamic group– Add additional operators ("contains" or "regex" and "is not in").

Our goal is to enable one person in an SME to run "the whole show".

Next, we preview how device health monitoring will facilitate compliance and support. Device health monitoring is a natural extension of JumpCloud's unlimited remote support.

Equipment Health Monitoring

Remote Assistance will soon give administrators greater control over remote sessions. Support can also be more proactive. For example, when an endpoint is out of compliance, administrators can step in and make specific changes. We plan to roll out new useful features such as:

  • remote command line
  • Browser/Remote File Transfer
  • remote process manager
  • Scheduled Device Notifications
  • Automatic Notification Repair
  • Fleet Health Dashboard
  • Partner's Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) Dashboard Integration

Finally, we will improve the applications available on the JumpCloud platform. Admins will be able to remove passwords from the browser with a decentralized password manager while maintaining productivity and compliance, and we're improving the way Push MFA works for users.


JumpCloud Password Manager

Upcoming management roles include:

  • Ability to retrieve user vaults from the cloud
  • Secure your vault without a second device
  • Backups are protected with PKI encryption keys and secrets
  • Ability for administrators to create and manage shared folder structures
  • Ability to push settings to users
  • Automatic registration for faster product support
  • timing optimization

Improve user experience:

  • Redesigned import guide
  • New Safari extension
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Proteger Jump Cloud

MFA push notifications are now more convenient than ever when triggered from the iOS and Android lock screens. Biometrics protect authentication generated from the lock screen.

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Do more with JumpCloud

We value your feedback, which guides the development of the JumpCloud platform.

Customers can contact their account manager for early access to new features. JumpCloud is always availablefreeUp to 10 users or a fully functional device. We offer 10 days of free chat support to help you get the most out of your application.

Meanwhile, if you need to get started quickly and make sure everything is set up right the first time, our Professional Services team is here to help:Find a 30-minute slot that works for you.

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