The GOOD Glossary: ​​Game Development | good gaming blog (2023)

The GOOD Glossary: ​​Game Development | good gaming blog (1)

We know that game development can be quite complex, and that starts with all the different terms we use to describe it! That's why we've summarized and defined words that we encounter in everyday life so that you always have a better idea of ​​what we're talking about!

The GOOD Glossary: ​​Game Development | good gaming blog (2)

Agile:A characteristic of an organization and its people to be adaptable, responsive, constantly learning and evolving.

Action timetable:Programming language used by game developers to create titles that run on theFlash PlayerPlatform.

Internal process:emClientServerFor applications like online games where part of the program runs on the client PC and part on the server, the backend is the program that runs on the server.

Backend department:responsible teaminterfacesand tools used for gaming, such as B. Back-end systems for player management, homepages, payment storage and more.

Mistake:It's not the beast, but it can be just as irritating: a bug, glitch, glitch, or bug in a computer program or system.

casual game:An intuitive and accessible game that offers fast and fun fun to a wide audience.

Client:Computer program running on the user's device (the program used to play the game). The client is also the device itself, such as a PC.

Customer development:Responsible for putting together the individual game elements, e.g. integrating graphics. Continuous improvement of design functionality for games and other web projects.

Code Summary:Coding marathon usually organized by game developers with the aim of creating solutions or innovations for software products at any time. It is usually a local pizza delivery support.

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Type conceptual:First participation of the art team...develop prototypeand set the style through quick sketches and intricate illustrations for all manner of in-game assets.

main game:It is generally used to describe games designed for an audience of gamers with significant gaming experience and dedication to the hobby.

Main Game Loop:or core dogame guide, that is, a series of fun actions that the user performs repeatedly to play the game.

Cross-platform:The game is programmed in such a way that users can use the same account on multiple devices such as smartphones and PCs. It can also mean that players can play with other players on multiple platforms, e.g. an Xbox player with a PC player.

Zeitmangel:Period of time when the game is unavailable due to maintenance.

Fall:A temporary occasion in a game, such as the returning Wheel of Fortune in Goodgame Empire, where players can win in-game items.

Resource:An integral part of the game defined during the development phases of a project, for example the interactive world map in Legends of Honor that players are free to explore.

First game session:The period of time from the first launch of the game to the first exit from the game. They usually come with tutorials that explain thatgame guideplayers and get them excited about the game.

Fix:Switches to the game with the intention of permanently solving a problem, e.g. heal aMistake.Correction:Particularly fast update to fix an error in the program.

the blink:Platform on which games are programmedpromotional code, making them playable without aarador. It is mainly used for browser games and Facebook.

Free game:Title that is completely free to play.

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Interface:emClientServerFor applications, the interface represents the program that runs on the client, for example the PC.

Frontend Department:See "Client Development".

How to play:The mechanics of the game, i. H. a pattern or rules and actions that create a gaming experience.

Spielbalance:Responsible for the math side of the game design. Analyzing and optimizing games to provide users with ongoing entertainment, create flow for paying and non-paying players, and ensure games maintain the right balance, particularly in terms of in-game economics.

Game design:Design and logical implementation of content and mechanics of new game features and new titles.

Game engine:A special software framework for computer games that runs the game and is responsible for its display.

Game server:Host programs and data forMMOGames and responds to customer requests.

Worldwide release:A game is released in all relevant markets and users are invited to play.

Kanban:A lean approach to organizing knowledge work. Following four principles (1. Visualize your work, 2. Limit your work in progress, 3. Focus on the flow, 4. Continuous improvement), the goal is to eliminate waste and thus be more efficient and effective.

KPI:A "Key Performance Indicator" is a metric that lets developers, product managers, etc. know when the game they're working on is performing as expected. Player retention, i.e. players who stay in the game for a certain amount of time, is one such indicator.

Live error analysis:Take care of the denouncedinsectsReproduce them to create detailed bug reports so developers can fix anything quickly without wasting time.

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Location:Complete customization of a game for a specific market. At Goodgame, all games and resources are translated into up to 26 different languages ​​to make them accessible to players around the world and then test the text in the games. Of course, the team also translated this blog post. Thank you very much!

Multiplattform:The game is programmed for different operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

mmo game:Massively multiplayer online game hosting a large number of players in the same world where they can cooperate and compete with each other.

Arador:A software component that is added to an existing program to make things work.

Our customer:Also known as pre-live. TOgame serverwhich receives updates before other servers, allowing you to analyze problems indoors without global impact and in real conditions.

pre-production:Period in which game principles are refined, e.g. Context,main game loops, Project.

Product Manager / Producer: Coordinates all game production teams and decides the general direction a game will go design,game guide, etc. Responsible for optimizing the user experience and maximizing the commercial value of the product.

Project manager:Responsible for managing tasks, times and teams during game development.

Prototype:Proof of concept game that can be played to evaluate whether to go into production.

JCE: Pcapacityvyou will bemiAmbient mode where users play against the computer instead of each other.

JcJ: Pcapacityvyou will bePageLayered mode that allows battles between two or more players.

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Quality Assurance (QA):Test games and systems to ensure they keep getting better.

Role playing game:Role-playing game in which players take on the role of a character and evolve it over time.

Hustle:Scrum is a simple framework for effective team collaboration on complex software projects. Through continuous review and adjustment, risks are kept low and decisions can be made based on real results rather than speculation. The product is kept in a potentially usable condition at all times.

simulation game:Game that simulates aspects of reality such as B. building farms in Goodgame Big Farm.

soft start:The title will be released in a few select markets to test and improve its performance in specific areas.

Carrera:Iterations in Scrum are called sprints, which are periods of one month or less during which a usable and potentially releaseable product increment is created.

Stage Gate Process:Structured process to support new game projects at Goodgame Studios in all phases of development. Promotes the fail-quick principle and increases the chances of success for new games.

strategy game:Game that requires strategic and tactical skills and where the computer acts as an opponent or players can play against each other.

Technical note:The game will be released in a select small market to test its technical functionality.

Unit:game engineIt is used to develop games for PC, mobile devices, browsers and consoles.

unreal engine:Game engine originally used to develop first-person shooters, but has also been implemented for other genres such as MMOs.

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User experience:Experience and perception of a player interacting with a game.

User interface:The space in which human-machine interactions take place, e.g. between client and player, for example the screen of a smartphone.

Vector graphics:Creation of vector-based graphics that drive through control points, allowing images to be easily scaled without loss of quality.


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